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Udom Is A True Christian, Has No Link To Freemason-Pastor Edet Clarifies⁰




The claims of purported linkage of Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State to any cultism-related organisation has been described as false by the founder of The Grace Family, Rev. Patrick Henry Edet.

He made this statement while responding to the false conclusions drawn from a video clip of his message.

Rev. Patrick Edet said that for his response to the false and malicious claims in the now viral video clip was because it is part of the privilege and honour of Governor Udom Emmanuel to be presented in the right light because of his established stand on support of justice, truth and honour.

“I’m addressing this because the name of an individual is involved and this individual is currently the number 1 citizen and has the legal authority of governance in Akwa Ibom State…

“The Governor of Akwa Ibom State must be presented in the right light because he agrees with justice, truth and honour.”

He refuted the claims that he said the governor was a member of Freemasonry, strongly stating that this was completely false.

“The claim that I have spoken or alleged on that video that Governor Udom Emmanuel is a member of Freemasonry or any other occult or that he is a sponsor of them is absolutely false.

“I know and believe in Governor Udom Emmanuel as a Christian. I have done this publicly for years and consistently. In private conversations with people, in private conversations with him, in public presentations he has been in attendance on a number of occasions. Whoever knows me and is interested in knowing me would know one thing, I am not moved by people’s opinions, I’m moved by convictions.”

The founder of The Grace Family asserted that he has a long-standing relationship with the governor which has been well-known public fact across the state.

He also stated that he is convinced that Governor Udom Emmanuel is a Christian who has shown that he loves and puts God first always by the way he consistently hosts men of God at the Government House, solemn assemblies in the state, vigils with people in his cabinet, and frequent prayer meetings.

“I know and believe in Udom as a Christian and I have done this publicly for years and consistently in private conversations with people, in private conversation with him on a number of occasions.

“Whoever knows me knows that I am not moved by people’s opinions, I am moved by convictions.

Rev. Edet also said that there would be no reason for him to be provoked to speak ill of the governor seeing that he had a cordial relationship with him and was strongly convinced about his faith in God.

“I could not have stood on this ground of personal conviction about his Christian faith and in a time like this, without provocation or reason, I would now say, ‘This same man is a member of this occult group or that secret cult’. That is not possible because there is no reason for that.”⁰

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Muhajid Alhaji Abubakr Dokubo-Asari Congratulates Governor Siminlayi Fubara on His First Year in Office




Muhajid Alhaji Abubakr Dokubo Asari, a proud advocate for resource control and good governance in the Niger Delta, extends congratulations to His Excellency, Governor Siminlayi Fubara, on reaching his one-year milestone as Governor of Rivers State.

According to Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo-Asari, Governor Fubara’s leadership has been characterized by patience, wisdom, and a commitment to peace, key components in resolving conflicts and promoting unity in Rivers State. With Governor Fubara leading the way, there is hope for a future of growth and development, free from division and discord.

Rivers State boasts abundant natural resources that, when properly utilized, can elevate the region into an economic powerhouse, creating opportunities and prosperity for its people. By following in the footsteps of the visionary founding fathers of Rivers State, like Chief Harold Dappa-Biriye and Chief Godfrey Kio Jaja Amachree, who championed unity and inclusivity, it is possible to build a united and prosperous future for all.

As we celebrate this important milestone, Muhajid Alhaji Abubakr Dokubo-Asari calls on all residents of Rivers State to embrace peace, forgiveness, and inclusivity. By working together with Governor Fubara, regardless of political differences, a brighter and more prosperous future for Rivers State is within reach.

In closing, Muhajid Alhaji Abubakr Dokubo-Asari commends Governor Fubara’s achievements and dedication to equitable development across the state. With unity and collaboration, the wounds of the past can be healed, paving the way for a better tomorrow for all those who call Rivers State home.

Congratulations to Governor Fubara on this significant milestone – may your leadership continue to inspire greatness in all.

Muhajid Alhaji Abubakr Dokubo Asari is a respected advocate for human rights and good governance, unafraid to challenge the norm and fight for the rights of his people. As the Paramount Ruler of Edi Abali Group of War Canoe and Chieftain of the Kalabari kingdom in Rivers State, he remains committed to the betterment of the region and its people.

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Senator Godswill Akpabio Endorsed as Sole Candidate for 2027 Senatorial District Election




Godswill Akpabio

Thousands of constituents from Akwa Ibom Northwest (Ikot Ekpene) Senatorial district gathered at the Ikot Ekpene township stadium to endorse Senator Godswill Akpabio as the sole candidate for the 2027 senatorial district election, three years ahead of the next general election.

The motion for Akpabio’s adoption was initiated by Minister of Petroleum Resources (Gas), Ekperikpe Ekpo, and supported by House of Representatives member for Ikot Ekpene federal constituency, Patrick Umoh. Ekpo urged all intending Senate aspirants to support Akpabio’s candidacy for the benefit of the area, Akwa Ibom state, and Nigeria.

Responding to the endorsement, Akpabio expressed gratitude to his constituents and pledged to attract more development to the district. He emphasized the significance of the endorsement, stating that it sends a clear message to the Independent National Electoral Commission to only recognize his candidacy.

Akpabio also solicited continued support from his constituents, emphasizing his commitment to working with President Bola Tinubu to address Nigeria’s challenges.

Governor Umo Eno commended Senator Akpabio and the constituents for their support and promised to intensify efforts in delivering democracy dividends to the people, while showcasing Akwa Ibom State as a unified entity.

Deputy Senate President, Senator Jubril Barau, led over 80 National Assembly members to the event, expressing their confidence in Akpabio’s leadership abilities. Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Benjamin Kalu, lauded Akpabio for his legislative achievements, particularly in passing the South East Development Commission Bill.

The event highlighted the unity and solidarity among Akwa Ibom constituents and their endorsement of Akpabio’s leadership for the upcoming senatorial election.

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IPG Warns Senator Akpabio Against Discrediting Senate President’s Office




The Ibomites for Progressive Governance (IPG), a burgeoning socio-political organization, has issued a stern warning to Senator Godswill Akpabio to refrain from undermining the dignity of the esteemed office of the Senate President.

The group’s caution comes in response to remarks attributed to Senator Akpabio, wherein he purportedly claimed that his wife, Ekaette Akpabio, was denied entry to the Government House in Uyo when she attempted to deliver a letter requesting a courtesy visit to former Governor Udom Emmanuel.

During a reception held in his honor in Ikot-Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State, Senator Akpabio allegedly asserted that his wife was left waiting at the Government House gate for an extended period without access to the premises.

In a swift response, IPG’s National Secretary, Mr. Chris Effiong, denounced Senator Akpabio’s statement as “a baseless fabrication,” emphasizing that Mrs. Akpabio is not a messenger and urged the Senator to exercise restraint in his public statements.

The group refuted the incident described by Senator Akpabio, asserting that there is no evidence to support his claims. They challenged him to provide proof of the alleged occurrence, highlighting that the former First Lady typically travels with a team of aides, including media personnel who would have documented such an incident if it occurred.

IPG expressed deep concern over Senator Akpabio’s apparent animosity towards former Governor Udom Emmanuel, warning against the propagation of intentional falsehoods that tarnish the reputation of public figures.

In conclusion, IPG called on Senator Akpabio to desist from fabricating malicious narratives and acknowledge the importance of upholding the dignity of the Senate President’s office, a position of national significance.

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