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FG begins construction of N6.8bn substation in Akwa Ibom



Akwa ibom

On Monday at Ibiono Ibom in Akwa Ibom, Prince Goddy Jeddy-Agba, Minister of State for Electricity, broke ground for the construction of a 230/40MVA substation on behalf of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The $6.8 billion project will fulfill the president’s campaign pledges to Akwa Ibom by enhancing the region’s electricity supply.

“Contract for the engineering, procurement, and construction of the 2×30/40MVA substation at Ibiono Ibom in Akwa Ibom is expected to be executed in 18 months.

“The project is a campaign promise fulfilled in Akwa Ibom. I want to thank the people of Idedep for donating land on which the project is sited,’’ Buhari said in his message to the ceremony.

In addition, the project, according to Buhari, would strengthen the ability to supply power to Akwa Ibom and neighboring states and enhance service delivery.

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He said that by raising the national grid’s wheeling capacity to 25,000 MW by 2025, the project will fortify it.

The president asked Akwa Ibom to offer all required help and support to ensure the project’s timely completion.

Gov. Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State promised the state’s support for the project’s timely completion in his remarks.

John Etim, the Commissioner for Electricity and Petroleum Development, spoke on behalf of Emmanuel.

He praised President Buhari for putting politics aside and choosing Akwa Ibom as the project’s location.

“As a state government, we will give all the necessary support to ensure the completion of this power project,’’ he said.

Prior to that, Mr. Philip Okpanefe, Assistant Director (Transmission), Federal Ministry of Electricity, urged the neighborhood to support and help the contractor to ensure the project’s fast completion.

He issued a warning that the government would not be pleased with the neighborhood if there was a delay once the money had been granted to carry out the contract.

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Sen. Ita Enang, a former Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Niger Delta Matters, spoke on behalf of the community and claimed the initiative would help the locals’ economies thrive.

He explained that this would be the case since the availability of energy would make it easier for small enterprises to operate.

He gave them orders to safeguard the project and work along with the contractors to finish it on time.

Enang, also former Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly (Senate) commended President Buhari for approving the project for Akwa Ibom.






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Grassroots Women Applaud Governor Umo Eno for Empowering Women in Local Governance




The Mkpat Enin Grassroots Women have expressed their gratitude to Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State for his commitment to empowering women by providing them opportunities to serve at the local government level.

The commendation was given by Rose Ekanem, the group’s coordinator, who praised the governor for appointing Mercy Bassey as the Transition Committee Chairman of Mkpat Enin Local Government Council.

Ekanem highlighted Mercy Bassey’s leadership skills, social network, and capacity-building efforts, noting that these qualities have proven her competence in grassroots governance. She urged Governor Eno to continue supporting Bassey, endorsing her as the most capable candidate for the Council Chairman position under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). The group believes that Bassey is well-positioned to further her vision of sustainable development and food security in the region.

The Mkpat Enin Grassroots Women also called on the local community to support and vote for Mercy Bassey in the upcoming election. During a meeting, the group’s president referenced an African proverb to emphasize Bassey’s long-term positive impact on Mkpat Enin, describing her as a leader who has significantly improved the lives of the people.

Under Bassey’s leadership, numerous initiatives have been undertaken to transform the Council Secretariat. She has reconstructed dilapidated facilities, provided essential amenities, and intervened in abandoned state government road projects, rehabilitating them to improve transportation and safety. Her inclusive leadership has brought transparency, peace, and development to Mkpat Enin.

Some of Bassey’s notable achievements include:
– Grading roads connecting multiple villages to enhance rural living conditions.
– Cultivating a variety of food crops on council land to boost local food security.
– Building a Traditional Ruler Council House at the Secretariat.
– Rehabilitating the cottage hospital at Odoro-ikot by replacing the roof, providing borehole water, toilets, lighting, and new hospital beds to promote health and save lives.

The Mkpat Enin Grassroots Women emphasized that Mercy Bassey’s efforts have not only addressed immediate infrastructure and health needs but also laid the foundation for long-term sustainable development in Mkpat Enin. They believe that her continued leadership will bring even more positive changes to the community.

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Governor Eno Credits Success to God, People’s Support in First Year




Akwa Ibom State Governor Umo Eno has attributed the successes of his first year in office to divine grace and the massive support of the Akwa Ibom people.

Speaking at the first anniversary celebration of his administration held at the Uyo Township Stadium, Governor Eno expressed gratitude to his predecessor Mr. Udom Emmanuel, his campaign team, and the electorate from various ethnic and socio-political backgrounds for their unwavering support.

He also praised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for signing the Old National Anthem Bill into law, recognizing its reflection of the nation’s aspirations and its alignment with the Akwa Ibom State anthem. Additionally, he acknowledged the collaboration with the President of the 10th Senate, Senator Godswill Akpabio, which he noted has contributed to reducing political tensions in the state.

Governor Eno highlighted several achievements in his first year, including advancements in rural development, education, housing, job creation, agriculture, human capacity development, and infrastructure. He emphasized that his administration has kept faith with its promises and outlined ambitious plans for the future, focusing on the five pillars of the ARISE agenda.

In agriculture, he mentioned the completion of the Ibom Model Farm and Resort in partnership with Songhai Farms of Porto Novo, which aims to increase food production and ensure price stability for staple foods. He also discussed linking existing infrastructure to a comprehensive value chain and consolidating current policies and programs.

Governor Eno announced the approval of a second round of one project per Local Government Area (LGA) and the construction of more strategic rural roads. He detailed several significant projects slated for the upcoming years, including the ARISE Shopping City in Uyo, a mall designed to attract global brands, and the commercialization of existing facilities in Lagos and Abuja.

He also mentioned plans for medium-density housing estates for professionals, the activation of the industrial park with multiple industries, and upgrading the Ibom Specialist Hospital with a new renal center.

Community-focused initiatives include building an elderly recreational center, an international market in Ikot Ekpene, and developing Oron Beach. In education, the administration plans to construct more model schools and implement a student exchange program to London, along with establishing an ICT center at Ibom-LED for exams and recruitment tests. The consolidation of the Dakkada Skills Acquisition Centre is also a priority.

Regarding aviation, Governor Eno reaffirmed the state’s commitment to its flagship airline, Ibom Air, announcing the arrival of a second A220-300 Airbus in July. He outlined plans to complete the Smart International Terminal Building, the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility, and the Taxiway to build a comprehensive aviation ecosystem in Akwa Ibom.

Prominent stakeholders from various sectors, including former Military Administrator Yakubu Bako, Senators Ekong Sampson, Effiong Bob, and Emmanuel Ibok Essien, traditional leaders, local government representatives, the legislative arm, the judiciary, and the PDP, expressed their satisfaction with Governor Eno’s leadership and accomplishments. The event featured cultural displays and musical presentations, and several individuals and supporters were honored as ARISE Ambassadors for their significant contributions to the state.

Governor Eno’s first-year anniversary celebration highlighted both the achievements and the ambitious plans set to transform Akwa Ibom State in the years to come, reinforcing his commitment to the ARISE agenda and the continued development of the state.

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Umo Eno: The New Face of Nigerian Politics




By Michael Effiong

Nigeria’s political landscape is witnessing a significant shift. Indeed, there is something unique and exceptional happening in Akwa Ibom State, and it is time for the entire nation to rise, applaud, and emulate Governor Umo Bassey Eno.


In just barely one year in office, Governor Eno is carving a niche for himself with his leadership and governance stye, which are rooted in the values of unity, empathy, humility, integrity, and prudence. Many now refer to him as the new face of Nigerian politics.


For those following Governor Eno’s activities, this moniker is not mere flattery. In words and actions, he has demonstrated traits that are rare in our political space. Even those traits hitherto exhibited by others, he is taking these traits to a new level. He is the true epitome of politics without bitterness.


Many politicians claim to operate an open-door policy and make decisions without political bias, but their actions often tell a different story. In his inauguration speech, Governor Eno stated, “Elections are over, and our kindred spirit must be renewed and deepened. We are all Akwa Ibomites first before politics. Politics must not separate or sever the ties of our brotherhood, common heritage, and aspirations. I pledge to be Governor for all, irrespective of political persuasions.”


Governor Eno understood from the start that no party has a monopoly of knowledge and that reducing the political temperature in the state would help him succeed. A toxic atmosphere stunts growth, no matter how good or intelligent a person is.


As a “Talk and Do” leader, he has extended his hand of friendship across party lines more than any other contemporary Nigerian politician. This is exemplified by his decision to fly to Abuja to congratulate former governor, Senator Godswill Akpabio just hours after he was elected as President of the Nigerian Senate.


This action drew mixed reactions in the state. Some political leaders in Umo Eno’s PDP were unhappy, feeling the move was uncharitable to his supporters after a bitter and divisive election season. However, as a thoughtful, earnest, decent, dignified, farsighted, and focused leader, Governor Eno knew that, as a pastor, there is no substitute for Unity and Faith. Even the Nigerian coat of arms shows that what usually follows are Peace and Progress.


This move has become his guiding principle, he has embraced All Progressives Congress (APC) members who received federal appointments and opened his heart to leaders from other parties. It is no wonder Nigeria’s Minister of State, Petroleum Resources (Gas), Rt Hon. Victor Ekperikpe Ekpo described him as a blessing and vessel of peace. According to the Minister, “As a Pastor, you have not disappointed the pulpit; as a politician, you have not disappointed us. As Governor, you’re the champion of unity in Akwa Ibom State. You are a unifier.”


Despite rumours that this open-arms and fatherly gesture may precede a crossover to APC, Governor Eno affirms that his rapprochement with APC political appointees and working closely with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu makes good business sense, as it would yield fruits and democratic dividends for the state and its people. Collaboration and cooperation trump confrontation any day for the astute entrepreneur.


The dividends of this relative peace are now evident as he is making giant strides in agri-business, rural development, infrastructural renewal, education and more, without traducing his predecessors. In rural development and road construction, the governor has continued projects started by the last administration and initiated his own in all 31 local government areas.


Statistics show that over 280 kilometers of road are ongoing, with some completed and commissioned before his first anniversary. Because of the quantum of projects, some now call him “Mr. Projects Pro Max.”


A few of the road projects brought to fore his responsive and empathetic leadership style. Take for example the 1.3 kilometers underground concrete flood control and reconstruction of a section of Atiku Abubakar Way, Uyo, complete with walkway, drainage, and solar street lights. After receiving a tip about the road’s flood-ravaged state from a concerned citizen, he verified it personally and awarded a contract for its immediate reconstruction to prevent a recurrence by the next rainy season. The road has since been completed and was commissioned by former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.


Governor Eno’s empathy shines through his actions. Moved by the inflation biting the land, he established the Akwa Ibom Bulk Purchase Agency through which a Food Voucher scheme was launched. Beneficiaries selected from the updated National Social Register now receive 5kg bags of rice, beans, and garri. Emphasizing that the food voucher programme is a stopgap, he has begun an aggressive “Back to Farm” programme, where the state is supporting farmers and requiring political leaders to engage in agri-business.


To show his seriousness, he is setting up his own farm too while declaring every first and third Friday of the month as work-free days to enable civil servants embrace farming. Of course, one cannot forget his partnership with Songhai Farms. A Model Farm is already sprouting in Nsit Ubium LGA.


Governor Eno consistently states that his mantra is building from the bottom up and touching the poorest of the poor.


Another evidence of this is the ARISE Shelter Initiative, fondly called ARISE Homes. In the first phase, 100 poor people across the 31 LGAs will be gifted brand-new 2-bedroom houses.


His model Primary Health Centre projects are a lullaby to rural dwellers. These centres have consulting rooms, a theatre, doctors, nurses, matrons and quarters, a laboratory, ICT and records unit, a modern kitchen, solar-powered electricity, a standby generator, and 214 medical equipment and consumables. To ensure proper staffing, 200 more health workers are to be recruited.


Furthermore, he initiated medical outreach programmes in the three senatorial districts which reached thousands, with hundreds of surgeries and treatments performed on-the-spot.


Ensuring peace is also the motivation for building goodwill with organized labour, apart from many perks for workers, he has released over N18billion for gratuities, leave grants and pensions.


People living with disabilities have not been left out, with a N100 million facility for students and grants of N250,000 per undergraduate and N300,000 for postgraduate students.


Understanding his own grass-to-grace story, Governor Eno genuinely cares about helping people earn a decent living. This mindset led to the establishment of the Ibom Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development Centre. Through its Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme (EAP), the government has trained 800 budding entrepreneurs and given them N400 million in grants. His plan is to train 5,000 entrepreneurs before the end of his tenure, with N2.5 billion in grants. The economic effects of this will no doubt be massive.


In addition, he has completed the state-of-the-art Dakkada Skills Acquisition Centers (DASAC), reputed to be the first-of-its-kind in Nigeria.This facility which now has a governing council will train people in various skills in agri-business, woodwork, plumbing, ICT, Tailoring etc.


Governor Eno wants to equip youths with resources to make their own money and employ others, rather than wait for handouts.


In just one year, Akwa Ibom is really rising. As a matter of fact, Governor Umo Eno has shown competence, capacity, and character. He has pursued his economic blueprint, the ARISE Agenda, with such gusto without borrowing a single kobo. So, describing him as the new face of Nigerian politics is not enough, we should also call him “Mr. Performer.”


Effiong, a Senior Special Assistant to Governor Eno writes from Lagos

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